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What is no medical life insurance?

Non-medical insurance bypasses doctor medical questionnaires as well as medical tests, including fluid samples taken by a nurse. It is more convenient and quicker to obtain but comes at a higher premium. People who have diabetes, for example, may receive favourable treatment with this insurance compared to a medically underwritten plan.

How does deferred no medical life insurance work?

Deferred no medical insurance is for people who have pre-existing medical conditions, which make it difficult or impossible to get traditional insurance. No insurance money is paid if the individual dies before the policy has been in effect for two years, however, the premium paid is returned, often with interest.

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Funeral Insurance

Any life insurance policy can be described as “funeral insurance.” Go to a funeral home to make funeral arrangements and planning. They will have free material to help with potential costs. Then see me about your insurance needs. You will likely save money!

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