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Critical Illness insurance provides extra cash for unexpected expenses.

Is it worth buying critical illness insurance?

Not all illness has the same impact, but all have the potential to create unexpected expenses. Critical illness insurance grants you tax-free money if you develop a critical illness. It is worth getting, considering the following:

What is a return-of-premium rider?

The Return-of-Premium rider is a popular add-on. It lets you collect your premiums if you are still living when the insurance coverage ends (at age 65 or 75). This money could supplement to your retirement income!

What is covered by critical illness insurance?​​

Critical illness insurance covers the costs brought about by an illness or medical emergency. The insured person can have peace of mind, knowing they will have the money needed to get proper treatment and care. There is no need to add financial stress to such a traumatic situation. Not everything is covered by Saskatchewan healthcare. Critical illness insurance is available to meet those needs.

Ways to use the lump sum benefit​

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