Securing your family’s financial future.
Investing in their future, one payment at a time
Ensure funds are available to provide for your wishes.

Make the decision now so your family doesn’t have to worry.

Do you have a home mortgage with insurance from your lender? We can get you a better deal.

Planning to buy a vehicle? We offer insurance policies that cover life, disability and critical illness. Our terms are much better than what you will find at a car dealership.

We will do a Needs Analysis to determine exactly what type of insurance you need. You will be involved with every detail.

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Larry McRorie, Insurance Broker

Meet Larry.

The media hammers us with insurance and investment products. Each advertisement tells part of the story. I can help take away the confusion!

Insurance, Saskatchewan Residents Can Trust

Insurance products and investments are by sold by phone and online. My preference is to sell face-to-face. I have sold in farmer’s fields, on construction sites, at office desks and kitchen tables. No matter where you live in the province, I would like to meet in person.

Mortgage Insurance

You can have life, disability and critical illness insurance, all in one policy. You get to own the policy and choose a beneficiary. Not only that, but you can also keep it once you have paid off the mortgage. Insurance offered by lending companies cannot compete with this.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance is a living benefit. You can choose policies that cover as few as 4 illnesses or up to 25. Often, people collect on the insurance benefit and continue working.

Creditor Insurance

Creditor Insurance is available with car loans and payment plans on expensive products. The retailer may offer to include it into the loan payments. You are not limited to their offers! We can get you more flexibility, your choice of a beneficiary, and better rates. Contact us to get an insurance plan that belongs to you.

No Medical Required

No Medical insurance is for those who do not want to bother with doctor’s reports or give blood samples. Answer a series of medical questions and you could qualify. A doctor or nurse is not needed!

Disability Insurance

How would you cover your expenses if you become disabled? Will your company continue to pay you? If so, how much? Disability Insurance will make sure you have enough. A personal disability policy can top-up or replace your income. It could make all the difference for a self-employed person. Disability insurance has guaranteed premiums and is available for people under 65.

Travel Insurance

When travelling out of the country, you cannot take a chance on not being insured for medical emergency due to sickness or accident! It is important to know that when you submit a claim the insurance company reviews your past medical history. For this reason, I suggest my clients take a copy of the questionnaire they will need to complete and review it for a day or two before completing the insurance application. If you are in doubt about how to reply to a question, we may be able to get clarification from the insurance company or you may wish to consult your doctor.

Ask about these other insurance plans as well.

Ensure funds are available to provide for your wishes.